Advanced Interior Design Course

Venue: La Maison Chic Galway. Duration: 8 weeks. Runs in Spring & Autumn. Contact us on 091 75 75 75 for dates.

This course is designed for students who have attended a beginners course in Interior design and are looking for more knowledge!

– Elements and principals of design (Balance, dominance, rhythm, unity and variety etc…)
– Concept development (bubble diagrams, brain storming and sketching)
– Drafting (by hand)
– Surveying a room.
– Reading the scale ruler and understanding scale
– Drawing a floorplan and set of elevations to scale (1:20 and 1:50)
– Overlays: (tracing paper)
– Flooring plan
– Furniture layouts (zoning and creating rooms/zones)
– Lighting and electrical layouts (reflected ceiling plan)

Design writing: problem statements, Briefs, Concept statements, Specifications, schedules

Project management; developing a schedule for the logical order of work, hiring and co-coordinating  tradespeople.

Developing your business identity. Designing a business card and logo!

Class project. Using your knowledge from the lessons design a room utilizing at least 3 elements from this course (one of which must include Drafting)

All class materials are provided for this course by La Maison Chic. Students will receive a La Maison chic certificate of attendance on completion.

Call us on 091 75 75 75 or for more information!