Interior Design Sketching Course

Venue: La Maison Chic Galway Duration: 6 weeks. Takes place in Spring & Autumn – Call us on 091 75 75 75 for exact dates

Week 1 Introduction to Drawing
The Basics
Drawing as a form of thinking and communication
Draw what you see not what you think you see
Drawing from images
Drawing from life
Week 2 Design Graphic communication
The Plan- arrangements in space
The views elevations and sections.
Oblique Axonometric Isometric view
Introduction to Perspective
Scale and proportion
Week 3 Perspective Drawing
6 principles of perspective drawing
Tracing reality
Vanishing points and binocular vision
 Week 4 Perspective Drawing to express ideas
1 point perspective
2 point perspective and 3 point perspective
Week 5  Expressive drawing
Emotional lines and shading to bring drawings to life
Introduction to color
  Week 6 Expression techniques
Quick sketches
Expressing personally through drawing


Triangular ruler
Pencils HB, 2B and 6B
A3 Tracing paper pad
A3 Cartridge paper Sketch pad
Old design magazines
Colour pencils, watercolours pastels etc.